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collapse Topic : Career Development ‎(8)
Look beyond job titles to match you with new opportunities related to the skills and training you already haveWorkforceYesCareer Development
Skill Explorer looks beyond job titles to match you with new opportunities related to the skills and training you already have. Jobs you may not have considered. It's a smart way to widen your career options and find a great job.​ Explorer
Do a Skill Search
Skill Explorer
Skill Explorer
View resources for apprentices or contact the Bureau of ApprenticeshipWorkforceNoCareer Development
Apprenticeship in Wisconsin
Explore careers or prepare for college through Wisconsin Technical CollegesWorkforceNoCareer Development
Wisconsin Technical Colleges
Learn more about the programs and majors offered across the state, along with admissions and other valuable informationWorkforceNoCareer Development
Wisconsin Public University System
View a list of license occupations in the State of WisconsinWorkforceNoCareer Development
Licensed Occupations
View the options to seek more education and improve your employability if you have not yet completed high schoolWorkforceNoCareer Development
Wisconsin GED/HSED Program
Find tools to help you take charge and meet your career goals through self assessmentWorkforceNoCareer Development
Resources for Planning a Career
Apply for licenses, submit complaints, access registries or signup for exams with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer ProtectionWorkforceNoCareer Development
MyDATCP Online Services
collapse Topic : Economic Development ‎(6)
View information on the council that assists the governor in developing innovative approaches to develop Wisconsin's workforceWorkforceNoEconomic Development
Governor's Council on Workforce Investment
View information available grants that help business train and retain highly skilled workersWorkforceYesEconomic Development
Wisconsin Fast Forward helps address the state's need for skilled workers. The program created worker training grants and makes other investments to prepare workers for jobs available today and in the years to come.​ Fast Forward
View Wisconsin Fast Forward
Wisconsin Fast Forward
View statistics on the unemployment rate, job projections and other workforce informationWorkforceNoEconomic Development
Labor Market Information
View programs and jobs related to specific key industrics within the State of WisconsinWorkforceNoEconomic Development
Key Industries
View current initiatives offered by WWDA to assist businesses looking for workersWorkforceNoEconomic Development
Wisconsin Workforce Development Association
Search for major employers in your area and view employer profiles WorkforceNoEconomic Development
Wisconsin's Major Employer Search
collapse Topic : Employer Resources ‎(10)
Find resources on how to retain a well-trained workforceWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Recruiting & Retaining Workers with Disabilities
View the Veterans' Employment Toolkit that provides a variety of outside resources for employers, manages or supervisorsWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Hire a Veteran
View job training initiatives and informatinon on tax creditsWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Hiring Incentives & Tax Credits
Report new hires as required within 20 days online and view other resourcesWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
New Hire Reporting
View unemployment news, tax and wage reports and other resourcesWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Employer Unemployment Resources
Develop better employees with an education tailored to your companyWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Wisconsin Technical Colleges Employer Resources
View insurance requirements, employer publications and resources for purchasing insuranceWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Workers' Comp Resources
Give your company an edge with hiring apprentices that work and trainWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Become a Sponsor for Apprenticeship
View legal obligations and steps to classify a worker as an employee or contractorWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Worker Classification
View resources and information about foreign labor certification programsWorkforceNoEmployer Resources
Foreign Labor Classification
collapse Topic : Find Employment ‎(4)
View and attend career expos and job fairs to find job openingsWorkforceNoFind Employment
Workforce Events
Get assistance to prepare, secure, retain or regain employmentWorkforceNoFind Employment
Vocational Rehabilitation for Job Seekers
Search current job openings using the Job Center of WisconsinWorkforceYesFind Employment
Need to search job openings? The Job Center of Wisconsin connects talent with opportunities throughout the State of Wisconsin​ a job
Find a job
Job Center of Wisconsin
View services for Veterans with significant barriers to employmentWorkforceNoFind Employment
Employment for Veterans
collapse Topic : Rights & Resources ‎(5)
View information on occupations in Wisconsin that have the most openingsWorkforceNoRights & Resources
Occupation Growth in Wisconsin
View news and resources for worker unemployment benefitsWorkforceNoRights & Resources
Unemployment Benefit Services
Seek DVR services if you want to work and you have a disabilityWorkforceNoRights & Resources
Referral for Vocational Rehabilitation Services
View resources as a recently laid off employee to gain unemployment insurance or receive job search assistanceWorkforceNoRights & Resources
Resources for Dislocated Workers
View information on equal rights, child labor, civil rights laws and moreWorkforceNoRights & Resources
Workplace Rights