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collapse Topic : Economic Development ‎(12)
Find lending resources specific to agricultural businessesBusinessNoEconomic Development
Locate information about economic development resources in WisconsinBusinessNoEconomic Development
Access lending tools for small and medium sized businessesBusinessNoEconomic Development
View programs and resources to build economic development for communitiesBusinessNoEconomic Development
Search programs to enhance environmental and economic performance BusinessNoEconomic Development
Find information and resources about exporting from WisconsinBusinessNoEconomic Development
File your annual report that state law requires businesses to file each yearBusinessNoEconomic Development
Register your business or file an annual reportBusinessYesEconomic Development
OSB creates an easy step-through process where Wisconsin's businesses can find the requirements and tools they need to start a business in Wisconsin. ​ Your Business at One Stop Business Registration
Start a business or file an annual report
Find resources for doing business in Wisconsin and use the Site Selection toolBusinessNoEconomic Development
Economic Development
Register a trademark or tradename or assign a trademark or tradename to a new business entityBusinessNoEconomic Development
Do business in Milwaukee through this public-private partnershipBusinessNoEconomic Development
Get answers to essential business questions at no cost BusinessNoEconomic Development
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View information on IT in education, lifelong learning resources and moreBusinessNoEconomic Indicators
View State issued report cards for a school district in your areaBusinessNoEconomic Indicators
Learn about Wisconsin history, State Symbols and the meaning behind the flagBusinessNoEconomic Indicators
Search the Wisconsin public school district directoryBusinessNoEconomic Indicators
collapse Topic : Finding Employees ‎(6)
Connect with job ready veteran employeesBusinessNoFinding Employees
Post a job opening or search for potential employees in the State of WisconsinBusinessNoFinding Employees
Post job openings, search candidates, and access related business resourcesBusinessYesFinding Employees
Need to post a new opportunity or search for a potential resume match? The Job Center of Wisconsin connects talent with opportunities throughout the State of Wisconsin​ a job opening
Post a job opening
Find resources on how to retain a well-trained workforceBusinessNoFinding Employees
Complete an online evaluation to help you determine whether workers are employees or independent contractorsBusinessNoFinding Employees
View and attend career expos and job fairs to fill your job openingsBusinessNoFinding Employees
collapse Topic : Government Resources ‎(7)
This toolkit provides provide employers with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully support employees who are caring for a loved one with dementiaBusinessNoGovernment Resources
Register and search the patient database to help reduce the misuse, abuse and diversion of prescribed controlled substance medicationsBusinessNoGovernment Resources
File or amend a uniform commercial code (UCC) documentBusinessNoGovernment Resources
Locate information on Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection licenses for businessesBusinessNoGovernment Resources
Search by year, county, municipality and roll typeBusinessNoGovernment Resources
View information on how to do business with the state, get information on state agency procurement staff, and a view summary of what the state buysBusinessNoGovernment Resources
View information about licensing and raffle regulation conducted by charitable organizationsBusinessNoGovernment Resources
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Register your firm and view state design consultant opportunitiesBusinessNoInfrastructure
Learn about the Department and its mission to meet changing and growing transportation needsBusinessNoInfrastructure
View construction projects being bid or for which proposals will be solicitedBusinessNoInfrastructure
Use the online location search tool to find sites that meet your specific criteriaBusinessNoInfrastructure
Find information about infrastructure studies and projects in regions of the stateBusinessNoInfrastructure
collapse Topic : Taxes ‎(4)
Find information about tax incentives, organized by industry and incentive typeBusinessNoTaxes
Find resources for businesses, tax information and forms and a calendar of events BusinessYesTaxes
Access tax information, forms, resources and frequently asked questions as a business through the Department of Revenue website.​ Tax Information
View business tax resource information
Use the business tax system for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to view and complete transactions onlineBusinessNoTaxes
View individual, sales, use, county, business and excise tax ratesBusinessNoTaxes
collapse Topic : Training Employees ‎(4)
Find an apprentice or provide a career ladder to promote your currently unskilled workersBusinessNoTraining Employees
View a wide array of resources to assist employers with recruiting, hiring, training and managing their workforceBusinessNoTraining Employees
View resources from the technical college system about targeted training and employment of graduatesBusinessNoTraining Employees
Find information about a grant program for employer-led training programsBusinessNoTraining Employees