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collapse Topic : Budgets & Spending ‎(2)
View Governor's budget letter to agencies, major budget policies, agency budget requests and moreGovernmentNo
2019-21 Biennial BudgetBudgets & Spending
View current biennial, past biennial, past biennium and archived budgets, financial and budget reportsGovernmentNo
Budget OfficeBudgets & Spending
collapse Topic : Courts & The Law ‎(8)
View administrative code, register, rules and manualsGovernmentNo
Administrative RulesCourts & The Law
Gain access to certain public records of the Wisconsin circuit courtsGovernmentNo
Circuit Court Public DocumentsCourts & The Law
View archive of Wisconsin executive orders organized by governorGovernmentNo
Executive OrdersCourts & The Law
View legislative audit bureau documents, legislative council documents, Supreme Court orders and moreGovernmentNo
Miscellaneous DocumentsCourts & The Law
View statutes and statute sections affected by acts and statute cross-referencesGovernmentNo
StatutesCourts & The Law
View the Wisconsin Constitution, pending Constitution amendments, and the U.S. ConstitutionGovernmentNo
Wisconsin ConstitutionCourts & The Law
Lookup a legislator or view text and history of legislative activities, committees, and links to legislators' profiles and offices.GovernmentNo
Wisconsin State LegislatureCourts & The Law
Search and listen to Supreme Court oral argumentsGovernmentNo
Wisconsin Supreme Court ArgumentsCourts & The Law
collapse Topic : Cybersecurity ‎(1)
The State of Wisconsin's Mission is to Protect the State of Wisconsin and its citizens from an array of Cyber Security Threats and has gathered resources and tools for you to be safe online.GovernmentNo
Protect Yourself OnlineCybersecurity
collapse Topic : Elected Officials ‎(9)
Find Wisconsin State Assembly Representatives and Wisconsin State Senate legislators within your districtGovernmentYes
Find Wisconsin State Assembly Representatives and Wisconsin State Senate legislators within your district​ My Elected Officials
Find my elected officials
Find my Elected OfficialsElected Officials
View the official website of the Governor of Wisconsin, Tony EversGovernmentNo
Governor Tony EversElected Officials
View the official website of the Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor, Sara RodriguezGovernmentNo
Lieutenant Governor Sara RodriguezElected Officials
View information on Sarah Godlewski the Secretary of State GovernmentNo
Secretary of StateElected Officials
View current Wisconsin State RepresentativesGovernmentNo
State AssemblyElected Officials
View the current Wisconsin State SenatorsGovernmentNo
State SenateElected Officials
View information on Carolyn Stanford Taylor, State Superintendent of Public InstructionGovernmentNo
State Superintendent of Public InstructionElected Officials
View information on Sarah Godlewski the Wisconsin State Treasurer GovernmentNo
State TreasurerElected Officials
View the current 7 Supreme Court Justices GovernmentNo
Supreme CourtElected Officials
collapse Topic : Elections & Voting ‎(6)
View statistics on voter turnout and the number of registered votersGovernmentNo
Elections & Voting StatisticsElections & Voting
Find your municipal clerk that handles voter registrations and absentee ballotsGovernmentNo
Find My Municipal ClerkElections & Voting
Search for your polling place by an addressGovernmentNo
Find My Polling PlaceElections & Voting
Search to see if you are registered to vote or update your information if you are already registeredGovernmentNo
Register to VoteElections & Voting
Find out what's on your ballot and get election information based on an addressGovernmentNo
What's on My Ballot?Elections & Voting
View official results of the general election GovernmentNo
Wisconsin Election ResultsElections & Voting
collapse Topic : Government Resources ‎(9)
Connect or contact State Agencies and offices within the State of WisconsinGovernmentNo
 Primary contact information, description, and social media directory for agencies and offices within the State of Wisconsin​ Directory/pages/agencies.aspx
View all agencies/pages/agencies.aspx
Agency DirectoryGovernment Resources
A comprehensive list of online services for individuals, businesses, governments and tax professionalsGovernmentNo
Department of Revenue (DOR) Online ServicesGovernment Resources
Use eRETR if you are an individual, title company, attorney or other preparer needing to complete a real estate transfer returnGovernmentNo
Real Estate Transfer Fee InformationGovernment Resources
Find your polling place, update your name or address, or register to voteGovernmentYes
Find your polling place, update your name or address, or register to vote​ to Vote
Register to VoteFind your polling place, update your name or address, or register to vote
Register to VoteGovernment Resources
View a list of Wisconsin towns, villages, and cities that impose room taxesGovernmentNo
Room Tax Annual ReportsGovernment Resources
Search and view contact information for state employeesGovernmentNo
State Employee DirectoryGovernment Resources
View Wisconsin municipality TIDs that includes beginning fiscal balance, revenues, expenditures, future project costs, and ending fiscal balanceGovernmentNo
Tax Incremental District (TID) Annual ReportsGovernment Resources
Aquire a Wisconsin user identification through WAMS that allows authorized individuals to access state internet applicationsGovernmentNo
Web Access Management System Government Resources
View public notices, a centralized location for state agencies to post open meeting notices and meeting minutesGovernmentYes
A centralized location for state agencies to post open meeting notices and meeting minutes Public NoticesA centralized location for state agencies to post open meeting notices and meeting minutes
View public notices
Wisconsin Public Meeting Notices & MinutesGovernment Resources
collapse Topic : Legal Research & Resources ‎(6)
Learn more about the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the U.S. governmentGovernmentNo
Branches of GovernmentLegal Research & Resources
View index to acts, index to legislation, index to journals, author index to legislation and moreGovernmentNo
Bulletin of ProceedingsLegal Research & Resources
Get legal information and high quality professional expertise from the Wisconsin State Law Library GovernmentNo
State Law LibraryLegal Research & Resources
View information on Wisconsin Public Defenders who provide clients with criminal defense representationGovernmentNo
State Public Defenders' OfficeLegal Research & Resources
Learn more about the Tribal Relations Initiative aimed at increasing ties between agencies and tribal governmentGovernmentNo
Tribal GovernmentLegal Research & Resources
View current news and events, case of the month, schedules and conferences for the Wisconsin Court SystemGovernmentNo
Wisconsin Court SystemLegal Research & Resources
collapse Topic : Local Government ‎(5)
Learn more about the League which helps cities train elected officials and advocate on behalf of legislature and governmentGovernmentNo
League of Wisconsin MunicipalitiesLocal Government
View a comprehensive list of Wisconsin counties, county seats, districts, contact information and websitesGovernmentNo
Wisconsin CountiesLocal Government
Learn more about WCA, the voice of county officials representing all 72 counties of WisconsinGovernmentNo
Wisconsin Counties AssociationLocal Government
View a comprehensive list of Wisconsin town names, counties and websitesGovernmentNo
Wisconsin TownsLocal Government
Learn more about the association that supports local control of government and protects the interests of townsGovernmentNo
Wisconsin Towns AssociationLocal Government
collapse Topic : Marketing Services ‎(1)
View the Office of Marketing Services which provides marketing and conference planning services to Wisconsin state agencies. OMS is housed within the Department of TourismGovernmentNo
Office of Marketing ServicesMarketing Services
collapse Topic : Special Initiatives ‎(1)
On June 10, 1919, Wisconsin made history by becoming the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution granting national suffrage to women. This early and important vote would pave the way for other states to follow suit.GovernmentNo
Women's Right to VoteSpecial Initiatives
collapse Topic : State Employee Resources ‎(5)
 provides leadership and support to other state agencies in human resources managementGovernmentNo
Division of Personnel ManagementState Employee Resources
 The State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers 24/7 confidential assistance for employees and their immediate family members. (website username: SOWI)GovernmentNo
Employee Assistance Program State Employee Resources
Provides state employees with real-time communications about emergencies and other situations that impact their department’s operationsGovernmentNo
RAVE Emergency Alert SystemState Employee Resources
State of Wisconsin Employee Telephone & Email DirectoryGovernmentNo
State Employee DirectoryState Employee Resources
The Well Wisconsin Program is the uniform wellness program offered as part of the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program and Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Program. GovernmentNo Account/Login
Well WisconsinState Employee Resources