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Library Services

image of a person with books and a computer

You don't need to actually go to your local public library to benefit from some of the many services offered by the libraries. You can benefit from the services offered by Wisconsin libraries using a computer. You can read full text articles from magazines, newspapers, books and other information sources as well as search library catalogs online. You can locate books, movies, and other materials to borrow and also ask a librarian for help. All this and more is available right now from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. All of these online services are free to users.

Read the full text of magazine and newspaper articles, find images, visit the Student Resource Center, or search through state and worldwide library catalogs.

Search a combined Wisconsin library catalog provided by the Department of Public Instruction.

Recollection Wisconsin
Recollection Wisconsin is an expanding digital collection featuring thousands of historic photos, postcards, maps, letters, diaries, books, artifacts, oral histories and other digital collections from dozens of Wisconsin libraries, archives, museums and historical societies. Users can search across all content, browse sub-collections based on subject categories and types of material, or explore a map of content contributors.

Ask A Librarian

  • Wisconsin state agency and services questions
    If you have a general question or concern related to state agencies or services, please use this form to direct your question to a librarian in the State of Wisconsin who can provide you with answers and direct you to information that you may find useful. Just select CONTENT as the type of inquiry (it is the second choice from the top), then fill in your email address and question.
  • Other questions
    Have a question? Need an answer? Librarians from around the country are available whenever you need information. This national consortium of librarians have the knowledge and tools to find the information you need. For local questions, you may get a faster response by contacting your local library. See the Wisconsin Library Directory below for links to libraries' web pages.

Wisconsin Library Directory