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QuickTime Virtual Reality Help

  • QuickTime 5 Plugin is required to view QTVR movies. If you can't see the movie or panorama, you probably need to download and install the Free Quicktime Player from the Apple Quicktime site.

  • If your Internet connection is slow or you don't want to download QuickTime 5 you can view a static version of the Capitol Virtual tour by clicking the Slide Show button at the bottom of the right navigation column. This will allow you to navigate the low bandwidth version of the Virtual Tour.

  • Computer Performance Requirements

  • Quicktime Installation Check

  • Quicktime FAQ
Get Quicktime
Quicktime Player
This is a screenshot of the Apple QuickTime Download page where you can download the Free QuickTime 5 Player. Follow the instructions to install the QuickTime 5 Player on your computer. QuickTime Download Sample

Navigating using QuickTime controls.

QuickTime Help Diagram

  • Navigate Quicktime Virtual Reality or QTVR movies by clicking, holding, and dragging your cursor over the movie.

  • You can navigate using the Map View by clicking on the Map View button in the right navigation column. From this page you can view a map of the capitol as seen from the top. Roll your mouse over areas on the capitol map to reveal the rooms contained in each area. Click on the room name to be taken to the Quicktime Virtual Reality view of that room.